On the appeal of Trump: different kinds of lies

While Donald Trump lies about facts, Hillary Clinton lies about who she really is. With Trump, a least we know roughly where he stands. With Clinton, you can’t escape the feeling that she is fundamentally being dishonest, simply trying to check all the boxes of establishment political discourse while actually only caring about herself and her privileged peers, with no regard for the general public.

In the debate of October 9, Trump did in fact apply a thin veneer of political correctness to his xenophobia and sexism. But I think most of us understand who he really is and what he really thinks.

Of course, we should consider the various policies proposed by Trump as solutions to the problems of his core proponents, the poor white. Does he actually think they would benefit from them? Actually, he just might. And if he gets elected, his policies are put into place and it turns out that lowering the taxes for the wealthy does not help the poor, what would you accuse him of? Of being wrong? Yes. But of being a two-faced, lying preserver of the privileges of the rich and powerful? I would say, no.

But I must add that although Trump doesn’t necessarily represent the political establishment, he does indeed represent himself, a billionaire narcissist hungry for more fame and power. Maybe he’s just spectacularly successful at falsely presenting himself as the outsider friend of the disenfranchised. But maybe, in fact he does say what he thinks is the truth.